Organic Entropy

You should know where your randomness comes from.

As you are reading this you hopefully connected using TLS. To establish this connection you depend on random data which is provided by your operating system. In order to generate randomness on a deterministic machine (as computers are) you rely on entropy.

Did you ever think about where entropy comes from? The entropy that you consume day by day is generated by poor devices under really bad conditions. The bits are collected from non free-range living sources. Domesticated unpleasantly kept sources. Can you really live with that? We cannot. Entropy isn’t just resource that you consume.

We think that should be different! We assembled a device that collects entropy from real free living happy biologic sources. And this is how it looks. Without antibiotics and pesticides.

Start using the organic entropy harvester that we created. See Guide to build and use the device which is even certified*. This is how example data looks like:

Temperature: 23.42 °C
Acceleration: X(-0.420) Y(-0.518) Z(-0.666)
Sound Intensity: 13
UV Light: 37 µW/cm²

In the past we thought a crazy combination of date and a PID is enough…But a mixture of Temperature, Acceleration, Noise and Light that you collect from your surroundings is really responsible. This is how alternative hipsters use computers.

Bees! surrrr

UV Light!

The future of crypto provided by local entropy farmers. Join thousands of people, businesses and hedgehogs. Be part of the organic entropy revolution! Support your local entropy growers!

Be responsible**!

*actually we are not. We created a dummy certification authority to have something like this, which is quite common in this industry, as we’ve learned.

**Did I tell you, that I’m a vegan?