Organic Entropy

You should know where your randomness comes from.

How to build your own organic entropy harvester

To collect all those information from the environment, you need some fancy devices. We chose tinkerforge for easy assembling without the soldering and so-called “fun”.

Sensors (Bricklets)

All you need are the following sensors: Accelerometer, Temperature, UV light, Sound intensity and one Masterbrick to connect them all together. Right after that, you purchase an RaspberryPI and attach the entropy milking machine to it.

Other sensors are possible. If you live in Fukushima or near Chernobyl, you propably like to attach a Geiger counter. Some others living in Tokyo may find a dust sensor interesting. Just use whatever humanity did/gave to you.

This is probably the most expensive GPG key you will ever generate. But hey. You also pay extra for organic food!

The Harvestor

Set up your RaspberryPi and brickd. The secure harvesting software (multiple times audited by the council of the elder hedgehogs) has to be installed on the system.

$ sudo pip install tinkerforge
$ git clone
$ cd organic-entropy
$ ./harvestd > /mnt/entropy.txt

You probably want to configure this daemon to be started automatically in some way. I’m sure you will find a way. You’re a big boy.

How to collect entropy

You are done! Go out and collect some green-bio-organic-superfair-traded entropy!

To give you some inspirations:

How to insert…

After a hard day out on the field. There’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your work. Grab the SD-Card of your RaspberryPI and plug(&pray) it into your laptop.

$ git clone
$ cd organic-entropy/add_entropy
$ make

Go ahead and finally get the entropy into the system!

$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail
> 608
$ cat /mnt/sdcard1/mnt/entropy.txt | ./rndaddentropy
$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail
> 3982

Doesn’t it feel great? Come on. It does! Feel it.


Congrats! You supplied real organic entropy to your system. How wonderful is that? It’s really important to tell all your friends that you collect entropy by yourself. There’s absolutely no necessity if the topic of the conversation is related anyhow. Quite the opposite!

And if you’re vegan its even better. You can combo organic entropy with stating that you’re a vegan guy and growing a beard. Multi-Annoyance!